API Documents

There are GET and POST methods that you can use with your API key for transfers.

- All Deposit Transactions

- Withdraw


With this method, you can transfer to the XWNR wallet address you want, according to the features specified in the tables below.

- API-KEY(varchar(19))
You can create this from ->Settings section, never share your API code with anyone.
- TO-WALLET(varchar(34))
Enter the XWNR wallet address you want to send to.
- AMOUNT(float(11,2))
Specify the amount of XWNR you want to send, (Float) you can use fractional value for example: 123.50 XWNR.
- MEMO(varchar(11))
If you want to use it, specify a MEMO, if not, you can leave it blank.


PHP Example Code

Download Example PHP Code